Class Support


A primary form of support provided by the CBS Ireland National Servants Team (NST) is leadership training for class leaders. This training is organized as needed, currently whenever new groups are formed or refresher training is needed. Training normally takes 3-4 hours, but can be less for experienced Bible discussion group leaders or longer for those with no experience with Bible studies.


CBS desires to maintain as close a relationship with study groups as the group leadership allows. The purpose of this relationship is not to control, but to encourage, support, enhance skills, and to help leaders in leading and caring for their group.


All Bible study materials are provided by email upon request to the NST. Most studies also have Teaching Helps available that the class leader can use to help in preparing the wrap-up talks for each lesson. We also provide copies of the leaders Training Manual for leaders who are comfortable doing so to train new leaders for their group.


CBS Ireland NST members request to visit each class at least once a year to keep in personal touch with class members in addition to the leaders.


CBS Ireland hosts one or more gatherings a year open to all CBS participants. Usually this is a dinner where participants get to meet others from around Ireland and see the broader impact of the ministry in Ireland as well as hear what is going on with CBS around the world.