Why Do We Do It?

There’s something breathtakingly beautiful

that happens when God gets hold of our hearts and minds and invites us on a journey of discovery. The big questions of “who we are” and “why we’re here” are no longer hopeless wanderings; instead, these questions are replaced with a deep knowing that God is alive and speaks with love, mercy and grace.

“So when it came to the lesson about forgetting the past (Phil 3: 13), tears came to my eyes how St Paul could leave his past and move on. I found it hard to leave the past, I found it hard to forgive something that happened to me in childhood. But reading how St Paul could leave the past behind and focus on the future, it was so encouraging. I got a lot of strength & hope from it. I often had hands laid on me for healing and I did get a lot of healing from healing ministries. But this was like if Jesus’ hand came out from the page and laid it on my head. I could feel a deep healing, it’s hard to explain. The Lord I think was trying to show me how the scripture can speak to us and heal us also.” ~ Galway

A few weeks ago a fairly new member was heard to say over coffee after the meeting “I don’t know Jesus the way the speaker has been saying”. A sister sitting next to her said “Do you want to?”. “Oh yes” was the instant reply. Immediate prayer amongst the chatter of the room, Jesus came into a life in an extraordinary way. She now shares our study in a life changing way, contributing a fresh dimension of spirituality benefiting the whole group ~ UK