What Do We Do?

We love seeing what happens in people’s lives when they discover God through the study of His Word. We have Bible studies for all age groups and stages of life, from classes for toddlers and teens to classes for adults who are single and married, studies for those with learning disorder and for those who have lost their liberty. They can be used in a church, in a pub, in a sitting room, in a cafe or in a school…anywhere. They can be used by friends or strangers, by people who have hope and those who have none. That’s our passion “Everyone in the world … in the Word.”
Together we explore the Bible and what it tells us about the God who has woven a story through the history of all creation and woven a story through my life and yours. The God who is present with us now.

As we explore together in God’s grace, so our vision “transformed lives through the Word of God” becomes a kingdom reality for all of us.